Specializing in Retirement Homes


Looking for a Painting Company Who Specializes in Working With Nursing Homes?

If you own or manage a retirement home, assisted living facility, or nursing home that needs painting, HomeGlow Collective Coatings Specialists are here to help. Naturally you are concerned about the impact a commercial painting project will have on the comfort of your clients and everyday operations of your business.

It takes a special level of care from your commercial painting contractor to allow you to maintain your special level of care for your residents.

A higher level of communication is necessary with this type of painting project than perhaps any other. In order to ensure the comfort and safety of your residents, we implement extra measures of care and communication.

HomeGlow’s Process

We work on your schedule Our large crew capacity enables us to easily accommodate you.

We meet your deadlinesWe know that if a commercial project gets off track, it can cause a domino effect for your schedule, with big consequences down the line. Rest assured that our painters have the knowledge and experience to deliver you a quality paint job quickly and efficiently.

We minimize impactWe minimize the impact to everyone affected by painting, whether tenants, owners, employees or customers. Since the buildings we paint are places people need to use, our mission is to understand everyone’s needs and concerns, so that we can work around them. We paint in high traffic areas such as entrances during your slow hours. We post highly visible signage, barriers, etc. in work areas. Maintaining a very clean and orderly job site in order to eliminate trip hazards and other potential accidents.

We are friendlyAs you’ll see our painters proudly wear their “painter’s reds,” unique to our industry but not to the world. We thoroughly screen and train any member of our team from painter to manager to ensure that they align with our values of respect and pleasant demeanor.

We respect you– smoking is absolutely prohibited on your project. When we come onto your property as professionals, we become both a part of your daily operations and of your community therefore, we conduct ourselves appropriately.

We help you to understandfrom start to finish. We have a fully staffed office along with a Project Manager who will be dedicated to your commercial painting project specifically for the duration of the job. He/she will manage the job in person and on site each and every day.

We communicateIt is our procedures of communication with customers that foster positive working relationships based on trust, respect, and integrity. Today you are our client, tomorrow you are our voice.