Specializing in Multifamily Repaints


Looking for Pain Free Management? We’ve Got Your Covered!

Since 2012, HomeGlow has become known in Princeton and Mercer County for our exceptional ability to make clients happy. As we’ve experienced incredible growth over the last 5 years, we’ve moved into exclusively serving owners and managers of large residential properties such as condominiums, townhouses, and apartment complexes. We take great pride in the strong relationships that we have already forged in this relatively short period of time.

We’re happy that we have been able to save them stress, time, and money. We’ve made their clients and tenants happier and have also made ourselves happier in process. We fully understand how much pressure is on you, from all directions, to get the job done on time, on budget, and to have it go off without a hitch.

… that’s what we do better than anyone else out there.

When you work with HomeGlow Collective Coatings Specialists, you will be given access to your own Project Management portal where you will be able to easily track the progress of your project in real time from your computer and/or smartphone.

This will allow you to stay caught up on critical dates, deadlines, and meetings that you need to be aware of. By being able to share important information with all parties through a central communication space, you will reduce communication gaps and increase profitability. This system has been the end-all be-all in ensuring that our property managers and owners are well informed. Our projects are always on schedule with this excellent system in place.

You’ll also get to take advantage of our, “Built-to-Last,” warranty and our PPM program (post project maintenance). This keeps your tenants, board members, and your clients happy. Even with a super solid commercial painting job by HomeGlow, wear and tear just happens. Where there is “wear and tear”, we are there… to re-take care.

All of these features have been designed by you and by experts in your industry who have spent years frustrated, dismayed, and lost as to how to find someone who can really put their mouth where the money is (or vice versa)!

Need someone who can deliver a professionally run painting experience? It us. We’re your only choice for a commercial painter in Princeton.